5-Part Stainless Steel Cyr Wheel

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Stainless Steel Cyr Wheels with a durable grippy coating.

The measurements in the drop down above are for the INSIDE diameter. If you prefer to measure the outside diameter, simply add 8cm to the above measurements.

Cyr Wheel:

This professional five part collapsible stainless steel Cyr wheel (aka roue Cyr) can be dismantled for ease of transport. When bolted together this prop is a perfect circle of stainless steel tubing, designed to be ridden around the floor to incredible effect.

Cyr wheel (also known as Roue Cyr, or simple wheel) is an incredible discipline that builds and requires tremendous core strength and balance, which allows you to manipulate the prop and your own body in a flurry of spinning and inversion.

Cyr wheels are similar to their older gymnastic counterpart the German Wheel, but their single tube design allows them to revolve in ways that the more linear German Wheel never could. This adds a more dynamic movement and possibilities that German Wheels cannot.

Wheels of Steel:

These Cyr Wheels are rolled out of stainless steel, which is heavier and more bend-resistant than aluminium. This makes them hold their momentum longer and less likely to warp over time as some aluminium wheels will. However, they are also a little harder to carry around with you due to the weight.

Many Americans and Canadians use aluminium wheels rather than steel. Many aluminium wheels have solid connectors and lighter tubing while our wheels have heavier tubing and hollow connectors. If you've spun on an aluminium wheel before, spinning on ours might feel a little different at first.


We offer these Cyr Wheels in a variety of sizes, all of which are listed as the Internal Diameter (ID). A general rule for sizing is to take your height and add about 3 inches or 7cm (a fist width).

For example:

  • 5'3" - 5'6" should use a 170cm wheel
  • 5'7" - 5'10" should use a 180cm wheel
  • 5'11" - 6'2" should use a 190cm wheel

Ideally you would be able to test out what size suits you best before purchasing. If you are standing in the wheel with your heels inside the wheel, you should be able to stand upright with a fist-width and a finger.

A smaller wheel is a little harder to spin in because you get more momentum and speed, which makes it harder to control as a beginner. A larger wheel is a little easier to learn on because you have more control and it's harder to pick up lots of speed without proper technique. While a larger wheel is easier to learn on, if it is too big then you won't be able to fit in it and gain momentum to spin. If a wheel is too small, then you'll have trouble controlling the wheel and hanging inside it.


  • 5x numbered stainless steel tubes with Silicone Coating
  • 5x solid steel threaded inserts
  • 20x Hex Bolts for attachment
  • 1x allen key for assembly

More Information
Country of ManufactureUkraine
Type of CoveringSilicone Sleeving
Cyr Wheel Pieces5-Part
Tubing materialStainless Steel
Cyr Wheel Weight160cm - 12.5kg | 170cm - 13.8kg | 180cm - 14.2kg | 190cm - 14.9kg | 200cm 16.1kg
Tubing Diameter38mm (43mm with silicone coating)
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5-Part Stainless Steel Cyr Wheel
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