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Get your hoop ready to go out of the box! Our team will apply the tape of your choice to your hoop before shipping it out. This product is only valid with the purchase of a new Firetoys Aerial Hoop.
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Please note this will add 1-2 working days to your hoop's dispatch time.

This product is only valid with the purchase of a new Firetoys aerial hoop.

This product uses the Firetoys Aerial adhesive tape

Why tape a hoop?

Our taping service allows you to order your aerial hoop to come pre-taped. Adding some sort of tape to an aerial hoop is a very common practise.  There are a few reasons to tape a hoop.

The primary reason is to add grip, when you're up on a hoop working up a sweat, the last thing you want to worry about is slippery hands.

If you like to perform or train with a lot of skin showing, then taping your hoop stops you sticking and chafing on the bare metal. Powder coated steel is also cold when left alone! Taping it stops your hoop needing to be ‘warmed up’ (like a pole dancing pole would need).

And of course the more aesthetic reason for taping your aerial hoop is to provide some much needed colour and to tailor the look of your hoop to a performance or theme.

Do I NEED to tape my hoop?

Firetoys Aerial Hoops don't necessarily require any tape because the powder coating we use provides a barrier to things like moisture (to stop the steel rusting from the sweat) and actually gives a decent amount of grip (which can be enhanced with a chalk or grip spray), but most people still tape them for all the reasons listed above.

For more information about our powder coating, see our aerial hoop safety page

Mix and Match

The variety of colours also allows you to be a little creative and change it to fit a performance or make it in keeping with a studios theme.

A single colour all over is classic and looks great. Alternatively, you can choose to tape half the hoop in one colour and the other half in another. One benefit of this (other than looking funky) is that you will be able to find the middle of the hoop. This is important for learning some moves as it ensures you're able to find the balance more easily.

Please note, sometimes a hoop can benefit from being dusted with chalk after fresh tape has been applied. If you find your hoop is a little sticky to begin with it is due to excess adhesive being squashed out. The chalk will soak it up but eventually it will just go on its own.

Each hoop is hand taped before dispatch so choosing this service will add 1-2 working days to the dispatch time. Despite our best efforts there can be the occasional crease in the tape. This won’t affect the performance and will flatten quickly with use.

How we tape a hoop

When we tape a hoop, we normally tape from off-centre at the bottom up to the top, then rotate and repeat, as shown here.

This bottom-to-top approach helps prevent the tape rolling in use, and the overlap shown here is to further prevent rolling.

However, for a 2-colour hoop, we will do the second colour from the very center upwards, so you get a nice balanced half and half hoop.

0-point hoops

When we tape a 0 point hoop, the 12-o clock point will be at the weld, which is left exposed for inspection. please note this so the tape is in the correct orientation when rigged to not roll down during use.

For more information on how to tape hoops, see our guide here 

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