Airsword Juggling Knife

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A beautiful, symmetrical and very durable juggling knife with a mirror finish. Sold individually.
The AirSword is an awesome, professional quality juggling knife. Unlike a lot of other juggling knives the AirSwords have a symmetrical shape which allows you to perform side spins as well as a wider variety of manipulation moves. Combined with the low weight (275g) and beautiful balance, the symmetry also helps these knives feel more like normal juggling clubs. AirSword juggling knives are made from the finest materials. The blade itself is made from one of the toughest grades of stainless steel around. The blades have been tempered which gives the a little flex to help absorb impacts but not enough that they bend out of shape. As well as a high impact resistance the AirSword blades are also resistant to corrosion and won't rust even in wet conditions. (We still recommend taking care of your knives and not storing them wet, for example.) The edges of the blades have been ground down to make them look razor sharp. Of course, they aren't but the effect is very convincing. To finish them off beautifully they have also been given a mirror polish so they are nice and shiny. The handle is made from top grade beech hardwood for durability. This model's handle is covered with black vinyl making them look sleek and stylish. The handle is fixed to the blade using stainless steel bolts. These are much stronger than the rivets found on some other juggling knives and also allow the handle to be replaced should the need arise. Finishing off the handle is a high density foam knob, with a high impact nitrile rubber insert, which protects the knife from hard vertical drops. As with all juggling knives, these props appear to be sharp and dangerous but the blade is in fact blunt. Caution should nevertheless be exercised as the point of the blade is still relatively dangerous which is why we recommend juggling knives to advanced users only. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY
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Country of ManufactureUK
Blade Length310mm
Total Length525mm
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