Ultrapoi Helix Poi Set - Superbright LED Stick Poi

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Helix Poi are extra bright, extra durable, and extra fun!

These ready assembled sets are everything you need to get going, minus the batteries. The Protective Helix case on these super bright poi is made of a light-diffusing silicone that makes the whole head glow amazingly.

Ultralight V2 LED Stick

With 12 varieties of flashing patterns that you can choose the colours for, and 6 amazing preset colour modes, there is plenty to show off here

Go deeper and start customising the Colour modes as well, adjusting them to your particular flow.

On top of this, each end of the light itself can be set up how you want, with a button for top and bottom, easily accessible through the protective silicone cases of the Helix Poi


Adjustable Leash

All Helix poi sets come with lengths of Ultraleash, a super squishy and dark cord, and inline swivels to allow for perfect wrist wraps and crazy orbitals with minimal fuss.

Handle Choices

The sets we have available here have 1 major difference: the handles!

  • Handle 1: Ultragrips - These ergonomic silicone handles are the perfect weight for catches and releases, as well as sitting nicely in your hand for regular spinning
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  • Handle 2: Ultraknobs - These are the same as the ultragrips, but have a super clever USB charging LED light insert that lights up the handle as you spin, leaving an extra light trail, as well as making them easier to catch in the dark!
  • Handle 3: Helix Handle - These are the real deal, each handle has a silicone helix case with one of the Ultralight V2s inside, which is a fully customisable poi light on its own. This option will look magical as you do incredible manipulation and releases.
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  • 2x Ultralight V2 Light Sticks
  • 2x Helix Cases
  • 2x Ultraleash
  • 1x Kit Bag
  • Optional:2x Ultragrip handles
  • Optional: 2x UltraKnob LED inserts
  • Optional: 2x Helix Handles with Ultralight V2

More Information
Country of ManufactureUSA
Poi Cord Width10mm
LED ColourAll Light
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