Rolla Bollas

Rolla Bollas

Rolla bollas are a classic circus prop. Kind of like a see saw for one person, a strong wooden board is positioned over a plastic or metal cylinder. The idea is to stand on the board and balance it on the rolla. Rolla Bollas are great for developing a good sense of balance and are great fun for children and adults. Once you’ve got the hang of it you can start performing other tricks, like juggling, while on the rolla bolla.

These props make a great addition to any kids circus skills workshop as with only a little practice you can learn to stay relatively still on the board. We also stock smaller rolla bollas designed for children.

Firetoys rolla bollas are very strong and the board will have to be used inappropriately for it to break. The topside has similar grip tape to skateboards to stop your feet slipping and the underside has a layer of rubber to enhance the contact with the aluminium rolla. This rubber makes these boards suitable for rolla bolla stacks.

For advanced users, you can make the rolla bolla more challenging by stacking 3 or 5 rollas underneath the board. This obviously increases the height of the board so care should be taken and you should have a spotter. Alternatively you can use a bowling ball instead of a rolla. This means you have to balance the board in all directions rather than along a single line.

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