Tight Ropes and Tight Wires

Tight Ropes and Tight Wires

These tightropes and tightwires won’t get you across Battersea Power Station or Niagara Falls but they’re a good start! The training tight wires we stock are all professionally made, high quality and extremely safe bits of kit. This classic circus skill makes for a great addition to your street show especially if you can juggle or perform some other skill while walking the wire. They are also great for children’s circus skills workshops.

We currently have two choices of tight rope; a portable aluminium tightwire and a slightly less transportable Ariane steel one. The aluminium set up is ideal for workshops as it can be collapsed down and set up very quickly. It’s also fairly light weight meaning you can move it about with relative ease. The steel tight wire takes a little longer to assemble and break down and is considerably heavier so is more suited to remaining in one place. The advantage of the steel frame is that the wire can be tightened to an extreme degree.

We can also get our hands on extensions for Ariane tightwire that increase its height or length.

Both of these tight ropes are great as professional circus training equipment and as kids’ workshop kit. They help to improve children’s co-ordination, confidence and, of course, balance.

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