Trials Unicycles

Trials Unicycles

Trials unicycling involves navigating around and over obstacles like boxes, stairs, ramps, hand rails and almost anything you can find that’ll support you. Pulling off tricks as you do so and adding style to your trials unicycle riding is what it’s all about. Well… that and going bigger. In order to be able to handle trials riding you’re going to need a machine that’s as tough as you are. That’s why we stock some of the best and most hardcore trials unicycles around.

Trials unicycles are stronger than standard unis to make sure they can take the rigours of the hopping, jumping and landing of tricks. They generally have 19” or 20” wheels for increased manoeuvrability with phat, chunky tyres to provide bounce, cushion landings and enhance stability. Long, splined cranks are used on trials unicycles to add torque and increase strength. The pedals, rims and spokes also need to be strong.

Nimbus, Qu-Ax, Koxx One and Kris Holm all make great trials unicycles. The Koxx One Devil and the Kris Holm KH20 are some of the best models around but we also stock cheaper trials unicycles suitable for beginners and intermediate riders.

Trials unicycle tricks include cranks grabs, pedal grabs, high hops, gapping, dropping, riding down stairs and many more.

You should always wear safety equipment like helmets, elbow and knee pads and shin and wrist guards for trials riding. You should only tackle obstacles within your ability – you can’t ride if you break your unicycle or yourself! 

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