Daisy chains have applications in aerial rigging but there are important differences between certain brands of daisy chain.

Daisy chains have a reputation for being unsafe for aerial rigging. This is true in many cases, for the reasons explained below. However, the daisy chains we stock are designed to avoid the pitfalls of other brands.

First and foremost, whatever the brand of daisy chain - or any other rigging equipment for that matter - you should always read and understand the safety information supplied with the product.

The reason daisy chains can be dangerous for aerial rigging is that the individual loops of the chain often have a much lower breaking load limit (BLL) compared to the chain as a whole (see the image below). As daisy chains are commonly used to adjust the height of aerial hammocks, for example, individual loops are used to attach the aerial apparatus to its anchor point. The height of the apparatus depends on which loop is used.

As the individual loops are not very strong this means they probably don’t have sufficient strength to be used in such applications. If the loop fails, it can result in a fall and potentially serious injury.

These "traditional" daisy chains can be used safely in certain situations but they must be used correctly and it is easy for the user to make a potentially dangerous error.

Not all daisy chains are the same though. The Prodigy Aerial 5 Loop Chain we stock have been designed and engineered to provide the same, high breaking strain in every individual loop. Whichever loop you need to use to set the height of your apparatus you can be sure it will have a BLL of 23kN (see right-hand image). That level of strength is suitable for many aerial applications.

Firetoys Staff