Yoga Hammock Rigging Guide

Welcome to a series of articles on aerial rigging, supported by videos from Circus Rigging & Safety, sponsored by Firetoys. This article will go through the best ways to rig your yoga hammock and help you choose the right method for you. The standard yoga hammocks are 2.8m wide and 6m long.

The below information assumes you have a safe anchor point. See our guide here on How to Rig At Home Safely

The first thing you will need to know is if you want to rig as a single point or double point hammock.

Rigging an Aerial Yoga Hammock from two anchor points (double point configuration) gives you more space between the fabric, while single point brings the sides close together for a comfy cocoon, and you only need one anchor point. Fear not, you can always swap between the two with a few easy steps.

If you are using one of our Aerial Yoga Rigs you can simply use a second sling choked around the bar to create 2 points. If you only have 1 anchor point available then our Aerial Spreader Bar is a great option.

Here's some methods you can use to rig your hammocks.


This option is great if you are not going to be adjusting the height and just want something simple to put up and practice on. This is also the best option for dynamic sling/loop/performance hammock.

For this method you would need the following:

  • 1 point hammock set: 6m yoga hammock, 2x Steel O rings, 2x Carabiners
  • 2 point hammock set: 6m yoga hammock, 2x Steel O rings, 4x Carabiners

You can set the height as you want it, but if you do want to make little adjustments to the height you can add a Prodigy Aerial 5 Loop Chain. This will allows you to set the hammock at multiple heights at 10cm increments up to 50cm length.

If you don't need to adjust the height then you can switch the loop chains for the prodigy aerial slings.

Working Load Limit on O Rings - 171kg/377lb

Prodigy Aerial Sewn Loop Slings

If you need to make adjustments to the height of your hammock but are looking for a more affordable method than using the Prodigy Loop Adjusters then this method is for you. Please note this method is best for static/yoga hammock rather than dynamic movement.

For this method you would need:

  • 1 point hammock set: 6m yoga hammock, 2x Prodigy 60cm/18mm slings, 1x Carabiner
  • 2 point hammock set: 6m yoga hammock, 2x Prodigy 60cm/18mm slings, 2x Carabiners

Working Load Limit on Prodigy 60cm/18mm slings + stopper knot - 171kg/377lbs

How to tie your hammock knot There are many different knots that can be used. We have chosen the knot we recommend due to its high strength in testing and because after using the hammock, it doesn't become so tight that you cannot untie it. You can follow the instructions in the below videos for how to do this.

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