Flowtoys Flow-Wand


This original Flowtoys Flow-Wand® (levitation stick) is expertly designed for flowing and dancing (rather than magic).

Handmade in the USA and perfectly balanced - often imitated, never duplicated!

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flow wand action

Magical Movement

Flow wands (aka: levi stick/levistick/levitation stick) are great for people beginning to get into the flow arts and movement play, as you can make the wand float with little or no practice. The thin, almost invisible string means you can create the illusion of the wand floating in mid-air. This prop looks especially good when combined with dance movements.

Flow wands also offer enough potential technical moves to keep you learning more. By adding body movement and dance techniques, the possibilities are endless!

The flow wand does not run on batteries or illuminate itself, but the holographic finish looks fantastic under any light. These wands are not designed specifically for magic, but rather for movement. The magic is in your movement!

wand in action

The Long and Short of it

All short string flow wands come equipped with swivelled finger holds, so you never have to worry about your string twisting up. This is necessary for double-wand play and practice. The short string version of the flow wand is supplied with a 30cm string.

All long string flow wands are supplied WITHOUT a finger loop (it's not necessary for long string). More string means you're able to do multiple body wraps and have more potential for reeling in and letting go! The long string version of the flow wand is supplied with a 274cm string.

close up


  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Perfectly-balanced.
  • Strong & durable.
  • Braided Teflon-coated nylon wand string. This is way stronger and more durable than invisible magician's thread. This allows you to experiment with more active wand play!
  • Black wand string will catch and reflect less light than white string or fishing line!
  • The beautiful holographic tape creates mesmerising optical illusions, even in daylight.
  • Clear heat shrink protects the entire wand and enhances the lustre of the tape.
  • Each flow-wand® is finished with tiny clear caps to protect the ends from impacts and ensure no fibreglass or tape is exposed.
wand measurements


  • Wand Length - 66cm/26in
  • Wand Material - Fiberglass core
  • String Length - Short: 30m Long: 274cm / 107in
  • Wand String: String length is measured from the centre of the wand to the end of the string - so the actual length is twice as long.

Customer Reviews

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Keeping it Simple

Seemingly simple construction, well balanced, and so far, durable, and at a good price for a rehearsal prop.

Five Star products, five star service.

After returning from SpinFest in Victoria Australia where I had 4 days of fun and hard core learning about spinning toys I was desperate to get my hands on a Levistick immediately! I did some searching on the internet and found Firetoys. I ordered my Levistick and crossed my fingers hoping it would arrive safe and sound...which it did, and in very good time. I didn't open my package immediately because I was working at the time so it sat in the corner and waited for me. When I finally got around to opening it I was very excited and very pleased. My Levistick is fabulous and I'm practicing every day. Thanks. You are fantastic to deal with!