Gora Travel Contact Fire Staff


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A travel fire staff with removable tassels designed for contact.

New to contact staff spinning? Check out this book!

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Showing how to connect the staff

Sturdy Travel Staff

Gora's 150cm three-piece travel contact fire staff is one of the best collapsible fire staffs we've seen. It's also the best travel staff for contact staff moves we've laid our hands on.

Fire staffs are quite awkward when travelling, particularly if you're backpacking or taking a flight. A staff that breaks down into three pieces is the perfect solution!

The joining mechanism Gora employs uses rubber locking rings at the ends of the staff's outersections. When screwed into the handle section the rubber locking rings are compressed and expand to grip the handle section. This locking mechanism is reliable, sturdy and strong. However, keeping the rubber and nuts free from dirt is a good idea and make sure sections are properly tightened each time you spin.

Gora travel staff close up of the tassle

For Beginners and Experts

The grip combines EPDM rubber with a tennis grip for a comfortable and grippy surface.

Where Gora's staff stands out is the material it's made from and what it's wrapped in. "Space grade" 7075 aluminium is used throughout. This material is extremely strong and very lightweight.

This fire staff comes with tassels, also known as flowers, that slow down the staff's roll, helping you to learn moves like the Steve and Angel Rolls. Some people, particularly more advanced performers, aren't so keen on these flowers, so they can be removed or attached using a simple popper - handy!

Gora travel staff broken down into 3 pieces

The Best Breakdown Staff For Contact

Around the aluminium on the end pieces is a protective layer of silicone. This insulates against the hot aluminium reducing the chance of burns. However, the silicone is not totally fireproof and heatproof so don't hold the staff vertically when lit and don't use white spirit, benzene or alcohol-based fuels as this will reduce the life of the silicone sheath.

The sheathing also has the added effect of adding weight towards the end of the staff. This helps to alleviate the universal problem with travel contact fire staffs - the joining mechanism of all breakdown
staffs is towards the centre, adding weight just where you don't want it for contact staff tricks. The extra end weight means this travel staff is actually a good contact staff. We still prefer single-piece staffs for contact, but if you need something more portable, Gora's travel contact fire staff is the best break down staff for contact moves.

When broken down the two end pieces measure 55cm, the centrepiece measures 60cm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Impossible to assemble

I'm having a lot of troubles connecting pieces together. I've tried hard but they just don't fit each other

Note from Firetoys: Please contact our customer services, we're here to help!

Contact Staff

I used it 10 times and the glue is leaking under the grip rubber and it's all coming off not worth the price tbh

Note from Firetoys: Please contact our customer service team. We are here to help and want to resolve any problems you might encounter.

The Bird
Best staff around

I have seen many many many fire staffs none with the balance of this one has the fact that it breaks apart is just mind blowing the connections and how they go together are so strong. If you're thinking of getting a staff this is the one.

wow great!

I've had this for a week and I've been very happy with it. I'm new, but learning very quickly. Balance is amazing and I love the weight. During the first uses, the ends seemed to pop out quite quickly, but after pushing them in and twisting, they stay very well and don't budge. The thin rubber that is between the flowers and the connecting parts seems rather fragile...it already shows signs of some small tears. I suspect I'll have to retape these portions eventually? That's the only concern. Can't wait to throw the dragon staff connectors on this at some point!

yu min

This staff is very convenient when im going to everywhere.
It's very well-balanced and it's very nice to handle.
purchased this product for the second time.
connection is made of plastic, so it is easily broken...
The second product become much more durable because the connection is made of aluminum.