MMX Plus Juggling Balls - 67mm


MMX Juggling Balls feature a great array of colours, a smooth but grippy texture and a range of sizes.

Also available in 67mm and 70mm sizes.
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MMX 70mm juggling ball orange in hand

Smooth and Grippy

Multiple Sizes

MMX 67mm juggling balls group shot with all colours

Range of Colours

The MMX juggling balls are absolutely incredible! Its hard to beat the price for the level of quality you get. They are the perfect size and weight. Not too heavy, but not too light.

MMX 67mm juggling ball red, with white background

Great for Juggling or Body Rolling

MMX Juggling Balls are as soft as a beanbag thud but they also hold a spherical shape in flight just like a stage ball. Their stage ball properties also mean they are good for body-rolling moves.

These balls are both durable and washable. Take care keeping different colours together, though, as they can leech their colours when new. They have a lovely smooth but grippy texture and they don't roll away as easily as a stage ball when dropped.

The 'new style' MMX balls have a smaller and more discreet plug than the black ones on the old style balls. The plugs, which stop the seed filling from escaping, also match the colour of the new style MMX balls. All the colours are UV reactive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
My favorite!!

I love these balls so much. These were my first good balls level up up from bean bags. Highly recommend for beginners. I've only been practicing since last year, but I have a small and growing collection of balls. I always go back to these. I love the weight of them. I just ordered a glow to add to my 3 set that I already have and it obviously needs to be broken in...they start out pretty stiff, but I've been knocking the new one around to catch up lol. Also be aware mixing colors that some bleed onto each other when stored together. I really don't mind, but some my be bothered by that.

Love them!

I switched to these balls when I started to take my juggling more seriously. I take them everywhere and although they have softened up since I've been using them the still hold their shape perfectly. Softening has made them easier to catch as well. They do roll away more than bean bags obviously but the rolling is less than other stage balls I've used.

glad I bought these

I've been juggling a year and all my previous juggling balls were bean bags/thuds. I bought these because I wanted to improve my technique by juggling some balls that are less forgiving than bean bags. They turned out to be a great choice. They have a near perfect size and weight and they're soft enough to be easy to catch, but firm enough to hold their shape. Like beanbags, they don't roll when they land, but they do bounce if they hit each other in flight. My only complaint I is that they aren't quite as "grippy" as I hoped - but I made them more "grippy" by wrapping balloons around them. If you'd like to move from a bean bag to something firmer, these are a great choice.

Awesome! Great color, quality, and feel!

The MMX Plus 2.6" (67mm) juggling balls are absolutely incredible! Its hard to beat the price for the level of quality you get. They are the perfect size and weight. Not too heavy, but not too light. The balls are very squishy and grippy, so they are easy to catch and don't roll too much when dropped. The colors and bright and easy to see. I bought x6 the red balls and I'm very happy with my purchase. The red balls are probably the darkest color, but they are still easy to see.

Throughout my juggling career, I've spent hundreds of dollars on juggling balls, bean bags, and Russian style balls. I've even handmade approximately 30 of my own juggling balls. Out of all the different types, sizes, weights, materials, etc., I have to say the MMX balls are hands down my favorite. I wish I had tried out the MMX balls a long time ago, because I would have saved a ton of money. Highly recommend! A+++++++++

The Firetoys customer service is the best I've ever seen! I live in the USA, but the Firetoys shipping is faster than anything I order from over here. The shipping is insanely fast! I'm talking like 2-3 days from the date I place the order, and that is using the free shipping option! Not only do they sell amazing products, but they are incredibly friendly and helpful. I called their service number when I had a question about a product. There was no wait time, the employee was very knowledgeable, and again, incredibly friendly. I've yet to find a juggling store that has the product range, low prices, and shipping speed of Firetoys. I've placed 5 large orders through Firetoys over the last few months and they've yet to disappoint. Highly recommend! A+++++++++

Nice balls for juggle numbers!

Those balls are great for numbers and also they coul roll over your body for make impressive 3 balls tricks...(or 4 who knows...) as well they are big enough for stage.