Prodigy Aerial Silks - Low Stretch - 280cm width

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High-quality, professional aerial silks (also known as aerial fabric, tissus, or ribbon) from Prodigy.

280cm wide, 40 denier, warp knit (tricot), 100% nylon, low stretch, made in the UK.

These silks include a reusable bag to carry and store your silk.

Please note the size listed is the total length of the silk. Aerial silks are rigged from the centre, so the working length is a little under half the total length.

The turquoise fabric is sensitive to UV light and will fade in direct sunlight or fluorescent lights. This will not affect the strength of the fabric.

Rigging Available Separately
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Aerial Safety

Aerial equipment should never be used unsupervised, please consult a professional.

Everything below assumes you have a suitable and safe rigging point, like a professionally installed rigging point or a reputable and rated freestanding rig. Not every home/studio will be the same, so we cannot advise on this part. If you haven’t established a safe rigging point, please do this first with the help of a structural engineer/experienced rigger/professional familiar with what you're hanging and where you're hanging it.

Check out our aerial blogs for more information.

Low stretch

Prodigy silks are woven with a tricot warp knit, giving them a small amount of bounce (low-stretch does not mean zero-stretch) without making them so stretchy as to drain your energy while climbing. This gives them enough cushioning for drops while leaving you with the stamina for long performances and routines.

Versatile width

At 2.8m/110 inches wide, these are excellent for cocoons and width-based wraps. They’re also perfect as a yoga hammock or aerial sling!

Although they’re wide, at 40 deniers, they won't be too bulky for most aerialists' hands.

These silks have a beautiful shine, giving a fantastic look to any performance while remaining grippy enough to climb easily. They also have just enough weight to stay in place for you without weighing you down while wrapping.

Prodigy figure of 8 rigged with a white background

Rig with a figure 8

If you want to spin, connect a figure 8 to your swivel. We recommend using a swivel to reduce the rotational force on your rigging and anchor point.

If you don't want to spin, you can connect directly to your anchor point or use a strop/polysafe rope between hardware, but be aware of rotational forces on the rigging and anchor point.

Rig with a silks hook

If you want to spin, connect a silks hook to your swivel. We recommend using a swivel to reduce the rotational force on your rigging and anchor point.

If you don't want to spin, you can connect directly to your anchor point or use a strop/polysafe rope between hardware, but be aware of rotational forces on the rigging and anchor point.

Aerial Silks Selection

Confused about which silks you want? Are some of the terms here hard to wrap your brain around? Here's a handy video to help you out!

Aerial Silks Rigging

A primer on the different ways silks can be rigged, and what kit you might need.

Additional Rigging components

Swivels? Slings? Where do these fit in? You bet we also have a video for you on this!

How do these silks compare?

Firetoys Aerial Silks

Medium stretch, chunky fabric in 13 beautiful colours

Firetoys Youth Silks

Same Medium Stretch, narrower fabric for smaller hands.

Prodigy Aerial Silks

Wider fabric with a beautiful sheen and lower stretch.

Prodigy Multicolour

Gorgeous patterns on a 280cm wide silk with impressive grip.

Slack drops

All aerial fabrics are prone to reaching high temperatures during long or high-energy slack drops, which can result in small melted patches and holes. These holes are caused primarily by the friction of the fabric rubbing against itself and the performer during high-speed movement. Correct technique, clothing, and fabric choice will help your fabrics last longer.

All nylon and low-stretch fabrics are more susceptible to this phenomenon than the stretchy polyester of Firetoys Silks.

You should always take care when practising slack drops and be aware of the heat you can generate during these drops. If you perform slack drops, you will need to inspect the entire length of your fabric regularly, and the fabric will need replacing more often.

UK made, tested, and certified

Regularly safety tested at independent & certified testing facilities.

  •  Working Load Limit
    (WLL) : 170kg
  • Factor Of Safety (FOS) 7:1

Working Load Limits are based on deformation, not destruction. Never exceed the manufacturer's WLL.

Customer Reviews

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Emma Taylor
These are the best!

I have been using different silks (not FireToys or Prodigy) for years and wow, these are so much nicer to a) train on / have advanced or intermediate learners us and b) for total and utter beginners. I'm guessing this is because of the low stretch, but they are also much less slippery and the silver and pale lilac look sooo nice in our space! We have x 3 of these silks and will defo be getting more. Very highly recommend.


I have bought 2 of these and that are absolutely stunning! The grip is good and it is very true to what they say. Also, the delivery was extremely quick and stayed well packed. For performances, the colors are vibrant and will surely give a pop to your show. Overall I would 100% recommend.

Just bought these silks because I needed longer ones

Would highly recommend I'm in absolute love with these silks can't wait for my performance with them!! Thank you so much look forward to getting another set in the future!

Great quality!

The quality is really great. The touch is smooth, the shine amazing and the silk is relatively lightweight and wonderfully wide without being too thick when taking both sides together. It has hardly any stretch downwards, which is great for beginners. Only con: it is very, very slippery and I hope that it gets better with heavier use. Btw, delivery was super speedy, was there within 5 days, and thet outside of UK!