Prodigy Multi-point Aerial Hoop with Shackles

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A fantastic all around hoop, with a variety of rigging options. Available in a sleek grey finish.

This shackle hoop is manufactured in the UK, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship. The hoop has also undergone rigorous testing by independent safety testers, so you can rest assured that it is fully certified and safe to use.

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Aerial Safety

Aerial equipment should never be used unsupervised, please consult a professional.

Everything below assumes you have a suitable and safe rigging point, like a professionally installed rigging point or a reputable and rated freestanding rig. Not every home/studio will be the same, so we cannot advise on this part. If you haven’t established a safe rigging point, please do this first with the help of a structural engineer/experienced rigger/professional familiar with what you're hanging and where you're hanging it.

Check out our aerial blogs for more information.


A shackle hoop is the most versatile hoop option. Depending on your planned moves and routines, 1-point hoops, 2-point hoops, 0-point hoops, and even 3-point hoops all serve important purposes.

A shackle hoop can transform to fit any of these roles using high strength steel shackles that act as your attachment points. The shackles have a low profile 6mm bar, and the hex-head pin locks into place very neatly in an indentation. This means it locks securely and with no protruding pin to get in the way.

Great for Studios

The Prodigy Multi-point hoop is a great option for studios. It allows you to easily switch between one and two-point configurations without the need for multiple apparatus.

How to Rig a Shackle Hoop

There are many ways you can rig this hoop. We will give some examples here, but for more in depth information, check out our page on rigging hoops here, and in the video below.

1 point configuration: You can rig a 1-Point by securing a Polyester Strop, Aerial PolySafe Rope, or CottonSafe Rope directly to the centre of the bar using the two provided shackles. You can also choke a strop directly to the bar.

2 point configuration: You can rig a 2-Point by securing a  Strop or PolySafe/CottonSafe Rope directly to an outside hole in the bar, using one shackle on each side. You can also connect a Prodigy Dyna-Core Triangle Hanging Rope directly to this hoop using the shackles provided. For a 2 point set up we recommend connecting your strops to a rigging plate to avoid tri-loading a carabiner.


Sizing and Weights

You can see our size guide for a standard Aerial Hoop here.

You might also want to consider going up a size if you intend to use this hoop for doubles.

Note: All sizes listed are the EXTERNAL diameter of the Hoop. For the internal measurement deduct 5 cm (2 inches) from the external diameter.


  • 85cm : 4.6kg
  • 90cm : 4.8kg
  • 95cm : 5.2kg
  • 100cm : 5.3kg
  • 105cm : 5.4kg
close up of shackles on hoop

Tech Specs

Made from 1” diameter 10G tubing (25.4mm with 3mm wall). TIG-welded with mild steel filler rod, root and then cap welds done on the top and bottom joining welds. The top weld has a solid mild steel insert to back the weld.

Powder-coated with a neutral grey finish, which looks great, protects the steel from rust, and is easy to wipe clean. Ready to use with or without tape.


1x Aerial Hoop
2x marine grade steel shackles
1x Prodigy Multi-tool
1x Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue 10ml
1x Infosheet
1x Logbook
1x Protective foam cover

Certificates of conformity are available on request.

UK Made, Tested and Certified

Regularly safety tested at independent & certified testing facilities
Working Load Limit (WLL) when rigged on a simulated single point hang : 100kg
WLL when rigged on a simulated twin point hang : 160kg
Factor Of Safety (FOS) 5:1
Working Load Limits are based on permanent deflection. Never exceed the manufacturers WLL.

Testimonials from our customers
Testimonials from our customers
100% best hoop out there! I use it as a single point and it means you don't have an uncomfortable and easily openable carabiner at the top of your hoop. Also when I teach doubles I can put the shackles on outer holes for some people and the inner holes for other. It's really useful being able to affect how much the hoop can halo for different people. It's literally perfect for all situations.
— Hannah

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The answer to all my hoop/rigging problems

100% best hoop out there! I use it as a single point and it means you don't have an uncomfortable and easily openable carabiner at the top of your hoop (I hate using choked hoops!). Also when I teach doubles I can put the shackles on outer holes for some people and the inner holes for other. Its really useful being able to affect how much the hoop can halo for different people. Its literally perfect for all situations.


Delivered to a remote place in the French countryside, arrived in mere days. Professional quality hoop, sturdy and well taped.

well made and easy to set up

I was a little apprehensive at first because i was worried this would be tricky to set up but it was so easy! and it's really well made , the weld looks good (to my untrained eye...) and the coating is really nice. I love it.


I've rigged a few hoops in my time and this is a really nice concept. better build quality than i've seen on some other dodgy looking lyra that i won't mention.

I would recommend anyone to use a thread lock. I didn't see any mention of that in the user guide. My recommendation would be Loctite Threadlocker Blue. Otherwise, good.

Great concept

I bought this hoop thinking it would be like getting two hoops in one. It's such a great concept. Love that it comes with a tool for the shackles. Well built lyra. However only downside is if you rig it with carabiners instead of spansets the hoop tips very easily when not expecting. Not a hoop for beginners.

Note from Firetoys: This review describes the hoop being rigged incorrectly. these are NOT INTENDED to be rigged with carabiners attached to the shackles. You should be attaching the strop to the hoop with the shackles only - as pictured and described in the booklet included.