Status S1 Bearing Diabolo Set with Handsticks

By Status

If you're looking for a great first diabolo, this set is your best bet!

This set contains a medium-sized, single-bearing S1 diabolo and a pair of super-strong Status fibreglass handsticks.

Excellent value and perfect for beginners, adults, and children of any age and ability!

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Medium Size

The Status S1 Bearing Diabolo is a medium-sized, single-bearing diabolo.

Medium-size diabolos are great for kids and adults, experts or beginners, making it the most popular diabolo size.

The S1 is a standard medium size, as shown in the picture, which compares it with its medium-plus size sibling, the S3.

Single Bearing Axle

Bearing axle diabolos are a popular choice due to the increased spin time of the diabolo.

The one-way bearing axle works very similarly to the back wheel of a bicycle; once sped up, the diabolo will freewheel and spin way longer than a standard fixed axle diabolo.

Because of this, certain tricks, such as grinds, are much easier to perform well and for a longer amount of time, making them very popular with beginners looking for their first diabolo.

The S1 uses a single-bearing, while the S3 uses a triple-bearing. 

close up of handsticks

Fibreglass Handsticks

Status Fibreglass diabolo handsticks, with machined alloy tips, are included with this set.

They measure 34cm (13.3") long, the perfect length for maximum control, with a bit of flex to help you accelerate the diabolo more quickly.

The 64g (2.2oz) weight is easy to control and won't hurt your hands when performing tricks where you catch the sticks.

The thin shaft allows for excellent grinds, and the comfortable EVA foam handles mean you'll be playing for hours!


  • Diabolo Level: Beginner
  • Diabolo Size: Medium
  • Material: TPU
  • Axle: Single Bearing
  • Cup Diameter: 110mm
  • Length: 125mm
  • Weight: 222g

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