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An excellent prop, ideal for kids. The instruction needed is minimal, and once you start, it’s hard not to try for “one more go”.

No circus event would be complete without this classic prop.

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Perfect for Workshops

Low cost and robust. Spinning plates are ubiquitous for circus workshops, but they’re also great for family gatherings, festivals, camping trips, anywhere that you need a fun game everyone can play.

Expertly Weighted

Like anything you do, it’s much easier if you have the best tool for the job. These spinning plates have a diameter of 23.5cm, and the stick is a single length measuring 50cm.

This size is about standard. Their weight and rigidity set these plates apart from many cheaper, floppier plates around. They weigh approx 125g and are made from durable (and not floppy) polypropylene.

Some other plates available are lighter and not as rigid, making them soft, but the extra weight is needed to give the plates enough momentum to spin easily.

The large rim on the underside of the plate, along with the sloping middle, are both expertly engineered to make sure that spinning this plate will be as effortless as possible.

A Whole World of Tricks

Now you’ve got it spinning, what else can you do

  • Balancing – balance the stick (with the plate) on your finger, chin, forehead, or foot! Replace the stick with your finger while the plate is spinning.
  • Catching – throw the plate in the air and catch it. Throw the plate in the air and catch it on the other end of the stick! Put a stick in each hand and pass to the other hand, even get one plate spinning on each hand and then pass them.
  • Passing – make it a game. Get a plate spinning and pass to someone else with a stick. More people? Add more plates!
  • Multi-plate spinning - Try to see how many plates you can spin simultaneously. This is a classic show stopper. First, you’ll need to get one going on each hand, then start trying to hold more and more plates in the other hand.

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