Mr Babache Cigar Boxes


Mr Babache Cigar Boxes are robust wooden manipulation, or juggling, cigar boxes.

Unlike Henry's cigar boxes, all four of the thinner faces of these Mr Babache cigar boxes are covered in black felt to provide loads of friction. This felt also overlaps onto the larger, coloured faces making those tough tricks that bit more accessible.

Decorated in a range of UV colours, they look great on the stage.

PLEASE NOTE: These boxes do not open and are for manipulation only.

Price is per box - these are sold individually.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Update on my boxes

I am back with a new update, it has been 6 months since my last review and unfortunately one of my boxes broke from normal use and about a gazillion drops. The good thing is that it did not fall apart I can still use it, but it makes that dreadful broken sound every time they slap together instead of the usual solid sound. Another thing is that the corners lost the felt completely and became sharp enough to hurt your hands or other parts of your body if they hit you which I'm sure they will specially if you are a beginner so watch out for those corners. I am getting some round corner boxes next time, I am taking one star off for durability.

Cigar boxes update

Well it has been a month since I purchased 3 of this boxes and what I said in my last review still holds to be true the stains keep piling up. However the felt is doing good except for a little lifting in a couple of the corners that happened right away after a few uses the rest of the felt surfaces are doing fine. I have been using them a lot and also dropping them a lot and they are taking the abuse without a problem. I think they are going to last me a long time and I can see now after dropping them about a zillion times that they are well made and sturdy otherwise they would be in the garbage by now after all the abuse if they weren't. I am giving them 1 more star, i'm having lots of fun with them, great work out too.

Exterior not durable

I bought 3 of these boxes recently and after the very first use and drops on carpet floors they got stains on them on the color faces that are not coming off after l cleaned them. I have tried just about everything from rubbing alcohol to simple green etc, and the stains are there to stay. The felt is coming off on the corners after just a few uses and a lot of drops ( I am learning to juggle the boxes) so these pretty boxes on the exterior are very, very. very delicate. They work great as far as juggling goes, good grip and feel solid. Only time will tell if the construction of the boxes is sturdy enough to last, the exterior is not.
I was told that performers have a practicing set and a performing set, but I can guarantee that after that performance you will need another new performance set if the boxes are dropped just once.
Since I am not planning on being a pro performer I don't mind the stains anymore is just that they came so early that it got me by surprise, stains, stains and more stains wow!

Mr Babache's cigar boxes are great!

I have received three cigar boxes that I ordered and they are AWESOME, they are very light in comparison with the ones that I had. Moreover, the way they stick to each other is marvelous. The only thing that I can complain of is the delay of my order, but it doesn't matter because it was delayed due to an accident.

I recommend this page.

Delighted with Cigar Boxes

I purchased four cigar boxes for juggling for my son for Christmas. They arrived quickly, in great shape and the quality is fantastic! My son is thrilled with them! I will definitely purchase from this company again. It was a quick and easy transaction with quality merchandise!