Polished Aluminium Hula Hoop - 90cm

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Our 90cm aluminium hula hoop is designed for professional hula hoop performers and weighs 440g.

They are very rigid and thin, making them ideal for multi hoop acts and complex hula hoop tricks. They are incredibly responsive, but the aluminium tube is not as strong as plastic ones, and the hoop may bend, or the riveted joint weaken if mistreated. These hula hoops are not suitable for hoop juggling or high throws.

As with all polished products, blemishes come easily. Rest assured that any minor blemishes aren't visible when hooping, especially under stage lights.

Tube Diameter: 12.7mm (0.5in)

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Customer Reviews

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Superb quality. Very happy with the rigidity and finish on these. Top marks!

Ham Radio Operator
Works like a champ

So I purchased this for a completely different reason than most people. I drilled out the rivets and separated the loop in order to connect each end of it to a 5000 volt variable capacitor. I pared it with a small coupling loop and transmit 100 watts through it on ham radio. This thing is perfect for a small magnetic loop antenna! With the capacitor I have I can tune this hula hoop from 10 to 80 meters and it works fantastic. Search other places and you won't find the value that I found here for the same price.

Look amazing but loud when you drop them

Great sturdy hoops, they look amazing and are easy to hoop with, very responsive! Down sides include little to no grip on clothing and are very loud when using multiple hoops as they can often hit without proper grip :)

good but slippy

I have been a pro hoop artist for 18 years mostly working in circus and theatres,I find the polished aluminum hoops really excellent. For multiple hoop tricks as the plastic gymnastic hoops I use tend to be quite heavy for these tricks and the inertia of the metal hoops is far greater meaning you can put more speed into tricks ,on the down side as nice as the shiney look is it is nearly possible to work properly in costume as the hoops have little or no friction especially if they get wet , so I ended up having to tape the hoops with grip tape, it takes a while to adjust to the weight of the metal hoops as they are light compared to gymnastic hoops , all in all definatly worth the money

Great circus hoop

I am very happy with these hoops.
Glad to have found them, on the market sellers only provide plastic hoops . Such an item is also rare.
These hoops are very stable and rotate in a perfect horizontal plane. According to me they are more suitable for circus tricks (on body, multi hoops) than hoopdance (in which they were probably a little too rigid).
Just one small reserve, the hoops could have been a bit brighter and shinier.
The processing of my order was Done With diligence .
Very good communication from the seller ( important for me, I bought the 5 hoops this represents a big expense for a purchase on the net without being able to manipulate, or simply really see, a hoop before buying) .